I had to do some adapting to hold the cable in place because it routes differently than the '02. If you have 48mm forks, you can just get the lower fork shield, and the bracketry.

There is one limitation to it for dual sport. It has two modes- race and non-race. In race mode you don't get a speed reading, only average speed. In non-race mode you get speed reading, but you can't increment the odometer, only reset it to 0. The speed reading isn't that important on a Dual sport ride, and you could actually toggle back and forth if you went on/off the street sections. It is illuminated - that's one of the main features I wanted. It is also more robust than a trail tech (my tt acted up). I also like the ability to increment or reset to 0 with push buttons rather than cranking the knob. It interfaces exactly where the mechanical attachment to the hub did, and it has the magnets down there, not a drive cable like the old honda digital units.

Because of the magnification and the high contrast, the old mechanical ones are actually better for reading on the fly.

My two cents.


There is one on EBAY right now!!!!! It is under "WR 450" in the motorcycle parts listings. Check it out.


So hard hard was it wire up? What about mounting the head unit, did you have to make a bracket??

I had to fab a bracket for the speedo, and a bracket for cable routing on the lower triple clamp and a clamp for the lower fork guard. I mimicked the stock routing.

By the way, you need a decent battery and charging system. The Odo drains it slightly to maintain memory, and if it loses power you will lose your odometer reading.


has anybody tried the Trail-Tech ($80) on the 05 WR? looks pretty cool and hundreds of $ cheaper. And you could demo the hard cable going to front hub.

There is one on EBAY right now!!!!! It is under "WR 450" in the motorcycle parts listings. Check it out.


I didn't win it :excuseme: did you win it, jim?

I am confident i could have wired it in and fab'd a bracket for it. :bonk:

I didn't bid on it. I just saw it and had seen this thread. I personally use a analog speedometer from a XT 350 Yamaha on my WR 450. It has over 4300 miles on it and I've never had a problem, unlike the 3 trailtechs that i've owned in the past.


I use the Trail Tech Endurance computer on my 05 WR450. It works great. I was able to mount it up higher than stock so I can see it better. It has a million functions! Everything from speed to maintance reminders. It's worth way more than the $80 it sells for.

It takes about an hour to install and all you have to do is drill one small hole in your brake mount. Overall a very easy install. :excuseme:


Hey I wonder if you can tell me a little about the wiring for the unit. I just the computer off ebay and would like to fit it to my '03. Any more infor would be greatly appreciated.



It's really simple, i just wired one to my 2004 WR450.

Here's a link to the wiring diagram for the 2006.


The sensor is quite obvious to plug in, just match the wire colors for the 3-pin connector.

The 4-pin connector doesnt get connected.

The other 3-pin connector needs to get spliced in to SWITCHED POWER, GROUND, and BATTERY BACKUP.

On your 2004:

Switched Power = Brown

Ground = Black

Battery Backup = Red

Hope this helps, PM me if you need some more info.


Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I have ordered the cable and bracket and plan to install it next week.

Thnaks again,


Let me know if you can get the bracket to work. I think the '04 lower triple clamp is different from the '06. But you might get it to work.. let me know!

I expected the parts to be shipped today but I have not received the usual e-mail stating the parts are on the way. Hopefully they will ship Monday. At any rate, I will let you know as soon as I get the parts.



Any one use the acewell computer. Nice unit. blue backlight, taco , speedo, temp, 2 trip settings, average speed. you can set temp and taco warning to flash if it goes over what you preset. lots of features. Easy to use.

None of the Acewells allow incremental adjustment. Take a look at the new Trailtechs - Lynx & Vapor. Incremental reset, backlight, etc. and they appear to be built a little more robust than the Endurance model. I have been running a Lynx since December with zero problems.

Hi PBDBLUE. You said Quote (None of the Acewells allow incremental adjustment) Please explain to One dumb Australian truck driver .Cheers.

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