What's the best aftermarket carb?

I have an 02 650r and was wondering what do you guys think is the best aftermarket carb. I'm looking foward to your input.

Thanks, Tber


(Do a search!)

I just put on an edelbrock and love it. Had it up in Flagstaff (7000 ft) and a few days later down in the desert. Starts first kick,EVERYTIME, and with a little turn of a knob(which I can do without looseninmg tank or seat) it can be adjusted for different altitudes. Very nice so far.....

it sounds like edelbrock is the one. That's what i was thinking.

Thanks so far guys, Tber

Edelbrock is the most expensive........ it is the best but if say one gives u 130% increase in satisfaction and edlebrock gives you 132% but it costs twice as much, go with the other one....search it

Best? Debends on what you want best to be.

The good points

The Mikuni TM40 is easy to find (Harley carburetor) and works great. (LOwest price about $220 used on ebay for a Harley one [make you own adapters] - XR650R kit just sold on ebay for just over $300 on ebay)

The Mikuni TMZ40 is the smoooooothest by far and most tunable.

The FCR41 Kehin works the best and gives the most power.

The Edelbrock is the easiest to tune and will let the bike run on it's side. Won't flood the bike in a crash. Least amount of fuss by far.

The not so good.

Mikuni is the hardest to get tuned. $400 (can be bought for about $300 on ebay) Most are Harley carburetors that have not been fully tuned for the XR650R; Once they are tuned they are better then the Edelbrock. You can change the pilot jet, air jet, needle jet, needle, main jet.

FCR41 Kehin doesn't fit without some work. This is the most expensive carburetor for the XR650R. $650 (I have seen them as low as $460) If you have the $$$ and the will to make it fit, it is the "BEST"

Edelbrock can not be tune in all spots if your looking for perfection. $400 ($360 on ebay)

I have had all three on the XR650R. I have had the Mikuni TM40 and HSR42 on my bike. I have had the stock 36X42mm Edelbrock and now the bored over 42mm Edelbrock on my bike now. On the dyno the Edelbrock has a big drop in torque at 2,800~3,600rpm where as the Mikuni doesn't miss a beat.

The edelbrock is the "Best all around carburetor" but, not a true race "full horsepower carburetor" like the FCR41.

This is my $.02 worth after having these carburetors on the dyno, having the XR650R on the raged edge, in all kinds of different settings and the input for many different rider/racers.

With all that said, what is so bad with leaving the stock carb alone after properly jetting the thing?

I love my Edelbrock......... :D .... :D

With all that said, what is so bad with leaving the stock carb alone after properly jetting the thing?

The stock carb worked good on my bike once I got it jetting and adjusted the float level. It started easy and ran great. I hated how hard it was to start when on the side of a hill or especialy after a fall. I got the edelbrock for this reason and found out I also really like the instant trottle response the pumper gives. The best part for me was after the first time I dumped it and it fired up first kick after laying on its side for a minute or two. Awesome! That was worth it right there for me :D

Hey thanks for the response. My question now is how do you adjust the float level and to what level? Are most of the bikes not set correctly? If my bike can run better I am all for it.

my stock carb is just fine with me

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