Anybody Know Who Makes These?

After doing the D37 desert scramble this weekend with my new half waffle grips this weekend. I got the most bliters I have ever had gotten before. Piece of crap grips.

Thats why i wondering if any body new who made these grips. They look so soft and spongey. So user friendly. :D

They're made by Pro Grip, model 714 "Dual sport" grip. Click here

I've used them before, and found that they tore up pretty bad after a few rides. Since then, I've ran either Spyder grips M1 dirtbike grips(Click Here) or Oury soft road grips (Click here).

The Spyder grips are very well padded but at the same time relatively thin. Also, after some use they develop a tackiness that doesn't go away and works well for riding, and they're very durable. The only downside with them is that they get very slippery in the mud, but there isn't too much of that in the desert.

The Oury grips are probably some of the best padded grips I've used, but at the expense of being much thicker (but not as much as the pro-grips). But they also develop that tackiness, are extremely durable, and offer somewhat better grip in the mud. They also cost about half of what the Spyder grips cost. I have a friend that rides HARD and puts countless hours on them every year, and after several years the grips are still doing great but the knobs are very rounded instead of square.

Wow, Thanks NARU, thats a better reply than i ever expected! :D

I had the spider grips on before the ones that are on now. they were good on the hands but i thought they were alittle thick. Its just that I got suckered into the Sunline Grips because they come in a awsome package; Grips; donuts; a foam thing that keeps mud out of the thottle tube; glue; and safety wire for $10 bucks.

Thanks for the info. Ill try them both and see what I like. I think its funny that these Oury Grips are through JC whitney. You cant get them anywhere else? Like a dirt bike shop?

I run Oury grips on every bike I own. They are really thick and gel- like with great durability.

id like gel grips someday

id like gel grips someday

God damn, the last 3 posts I just read had stupid responses by you. Why aren't you post-whoring the mini forum with the rest of your kind? :D

Back to the topic at hand, I order them from my local dealer through Parts Unlimited. I just found the link to JC Whitney as an illustration. They are a bit wierd riding with at first, but once you get used to them it's hard to use anything else. If neither of those suit you, TAG makes a half-waffle grip that offers excellent traction, is very soft, yet offers incredible durability for a soft mx-style grip. I've ran almost every grip on the market, and for some reason TAG grips just have this special feel unlike any other grip I've used. I thought it was just me, but two guys I met riding a while back and one of the parts guys at my local shop felt the same way once they tried them. (Click here)

yep wr450yamaha is always has a stupid remark :D

yep wr450yamaha is always has a stupid remark :D

I agree!

God damn, the last 3 posts I just read had stupid responses by you. Why aren't you post-whoring the mini forum with the rest of your kind? :D

all I can say is...



Try some spider grips , most bike shops have them

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