Wanted: yamaha mechainc

SGP racing is looking for a yamaha service mechainc, there Amature Motocorss race team!

the team races one bike 2004 YZ450F

we will provide food, housing, parts.

must have all driving permits, for transport to track

must be willing to move to michigan

if instrested contact Matt Carver at Racing@sgptech.com

Willing to move to Michigan? For how much?

Where's grayracer513...nah, he wont move from sunny San Diego. I wouldn't either.

Ballpark salary?

Do I have to have experience?

I'll tell ya what...if his 450 breaks down, he can use mine. Problem solved.

I would be interested if the salary is in the $150K range.

I would be interested if the salary is in the $150K range.


though I'm not really a mechanic but I can learn....real quick :D

send resume! and we will talk salary when the time comes.

haha 150 k YEAH RIGHT pro mechanics dont get that....well maybe some with rider endorsements and kickback but remember amateur mechanic.....this would be for the love of the sport and experience if you wanted to move on with it.

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