Clarks new tank...

How much does the stock EXC tank hold? Wonder what kind of range 3.1 gallons would give a 520?


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Originally posted by Chris in the Mojave:

How much does the stock EXC tank hold? Wonder what kind of range 3.1 gallons would give a 520?

Stock holds 2.4 - I'll check tonight to see

what kind of mileage I got on my last ride....I'm pretty sure I'm getting around 28-30mpg.



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Looks good enough to buy, so I decided to go for it.

I'm tired of running out of gas on the trail. Five times in the last 7 rides I've hit reserve. I have taken to carrying two liters of fuel in my backpack, but not anymore (I hope)!

I've been waiting on Clarke to get their act...errr tank together. I just wish it was a little bigger ~ 3.5 gal would have been better.

I'll let you know how it works out.


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Jafche... if you're looking for 3.5 gallons - you want the KTM MXC tank - that's it's capacity.

Plus, you don't need extra/different shrouds - the gas tank "wings" protect the radiators pretty good.

Cheers! - E-Ticket

I have this tank on my 520. Easy fit and easy to install. Little more difficult to get to the choke and the hole to the choke will not line up perfectly, but that is not that big of a deal. Milage will obviously be better with the 3.1. I also installed the P-38 on my carb and am anxious to see if that improves the gas milage. I will be testing that out tomorrow at Stoneyford.


Does the tank allow the use of the KTM Racing Fan?

Also, you could try the hot water air pressure tank expansion method. Should yield around .3 gal.

KTM also makes a L&R auxilliary tank which each add .3 gal. They also make a compensating tank which could be used for a fuel reserve. I don't know the capacity.



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