Tips on applying graphics

I have applied many sets of graphics and the best way to do it (as far as I am concerned) is this

Lay the graphics where you want them.

Hold one end, lift the other end and make sure that it falls into place correctly.

Now, cut a strip out of the middle of the backing of the graphics.

Place the graphics where you had them in step one.

let the graphics drop into place.

Now lift one end and peel the backing, smooth from the center.

Do the other side the same way.

Make sure that the plastic is clean and dry.

I really don't think that the water and stuff is needed. I have never used it and have had about 9 successful graphics application experiences.

Good luck.

Has anyone got any tips on installing new graphics?

I've heard that spraying a solution of alcohol & water on the plastic before application helps you to position them.

If this is true what ratio of water to alcohol do you use?

Any tips would be helpful.



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I just use plane old Windex. Spray a little on the part and some on the sticky side of the graphic. Put on the graphic then work the graphic until you get the air bubbles out. The edge of a credit card helps move the bubbles around and out. Toward the end of the process use a hair dryer to help finish up.



if you are not a seasoned grafix installer, the water/alcohol mix helps IF something goes on badly or just needs to be adjusted. the fact that the allready clean plastic is wet helps slide the numbers or grafix into place if they get away from you.

THe mix I use is 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 2/3 water. the alcohol just helps evoporate the water.

Also using something with the rigidity of a credit card (infact a credit card will work) as a squeegy to slide the bubbles out helps for that professional look.


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