Help with replacement plastics please!

Hi all; I'm looking for some replacement plastics for my WR450; and I can't seem to find ANYONE that makes a replacement back fender that will keep the light. The Acerbis says 'moto only' and eliminates the light. Polysport doesn't list most of the parts at all, and UFO I have no idea if it keeps the rear light or not???

Also; any suggestions on a decent graphics kit for the replacement plastic?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yamaha makes one :D

I feel you but in all seriousness, I think someone must make one. Ring around a few shops

and ask.

I got the acerbis YZ style one and use the acerbis LED tail light extension. SEXY!!!!!

If you're not looking for something other than blue, why not just get an OEM fender from Yamaha through Zanotti's? As far as replacement graphics, I got some for $35 off eBay. However, the next set I'm getting will be from XGX Racing, they've got some wild stuff...SC

Matty; do you have a link to the LED tail light?

Clark; I honestly hadn't thought of an OEM fender. I'll check the pricing through Zanottis.

$33.37 through Zanotti's, p/n 5TJ-21610-80-00. You might want to order the reflective heat shield stuff too, p/n 5TA-2174T-00-00, since it's not included. I forgot to, so I got some aluminum heat tape from Wal-Mart and it's worked great so far...SC

Clark; thanks for the info! Good stuff.

Matty; I'd love a few photos if you have any. I'd prefer the Acerbis, but I though there was none available with the light. Polisport doesn't seem to have hardly anything for the WR at all.

I am having a helluva time finding anything that will accomodate a taillight other than the OEM. With regard to the quality of Yamaha's plastic, I have yet to see any brand other than Polisport that doesn't turn white when creased. Since we can't do a comparison for an aftermarket WR fender here's Acerbis YZ fender is listed at 24.95 in the Parts Unlimited catalog, UFO is 23.95, Polisport is 22.99 from Motorcycle Superstore. Zanotti's sells the OEM for 23.09. Interesting, no? :D ...SC

Get the UFO enduro style, has a nice built in tail light, even a plate holder, much better than stock......looks just like the blue one found here. I love it.


Get a YZ rear fender. (available in black, white, blue, yellow) The YZ fender is a fair amount lighter.

Get the Baja Designs rear LED brake/tail light instead of the Acerbis. They are priced similar, but the Baja has more LEDs to it and is brighter. Not a bad thing if you're WR is dual sported. The fuzz will pinch you quick with the Acerbis being only one small row of light.


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