For those of you who have had head work done:

I've been searching for the last couple of days to find somewhere to send my head off to to get it "cleaned up" and try to have some more performance out of the stock bore/stroke until something warrants jumping to the 680 kit.

Anyway, do any of you have suggestions/urls/phone numbers of places that do work on the BRP to send it to?

Barnum's Pro is already on my list of places I need to contact about some other items for the piggy, but she wants more power.

Thanks in advance :D

Precision Concepts, So. Cal. They do the Team Honda bikes, should be good enough for ya.


There's no reason to do a bigger motor in a 650.

My local Honda shop did the mild job on my 94' they did not polish it but opened it up a little and smoothed out the radius bends on the exhaust side.

Check with your local motorcycle shop to see if they do custom work. If not maybe one of the mechanics will.


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