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Back from So. Cal!

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Got back from San Diego last night. Bikes should be back here in PA by Friday. Anyone who lives there, in California, you are my envy. It is so beautiful out there. Tracks everywhere, and a ton of desert riding available. The 520 got some good hard riding, and alot of good slow riding (too scared, and not used to the tracks!!)

We hit Competition Park on the 13th and 20th., Elsinore 15th and 22nd, Glen Helen on the 18th, and Superstition (desert, location of the Sweetheart Fud race today the 26th) on the 24th.

Tell you what, for a 520 SX model, that "little" beast ran great in the desert. 60-80 miles of almost entirely 3rd and 4th gear riding. I was concerned about the tranny, being the SX, but no problems. Few times, she was in 4th, on the rev limiter. Unbelievable riding out there. That has to be 75+ MPH. I can't believe it was any less. She got me into a tank slapper once...but pulled through no problem. Man oh man, you pin the throttle though, and she'll boogie. I doubt it will ever see that fast again :D I know I could have used abut 3 more gears though!!

Comp. Park was fun, I just wish we'd have had more time to get used to some of the jumps on the Pro track. Same at Elsinore, excellent, just wanted more time! It was kinda screwed up though the last time we went....turns were crappy. Roncada was there....and I can proudly say, I got roosted by him. :D Glen Helen, wow. Nice track, but those hills the pros do are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are MASSIVE HUGE!!!! :) TV does NOT do them justice.

Only one bike problem. AT Elsinore, I was warming the bike up in the lot, and when I stopped, oil was dripping out of the engine. We looked, and the one gasket was sucked into the clutch compartment. The one bolt in front of the KTM logo, on the top, was STRIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must have been stripped from factory, because I have never played with it. We had to force in a 1/4" bolt to snug it down and make it ridable. I am going to check with my dealer, but I know I'm going to end up putting in a Time 'Sert or a Heli-Coil to fix it. Just figures.

Anyway though, California was GREAT. I think I may move out there. :D


'01 KTM 520 SX

'95 KX 250

AMA Dist 6 Member

Hare Scramble Class B #523

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