New pegs for 650l?

I have been contimplating puting on a set of new, larger pegs with the extra row in the middle. Can anyone advise me to what set would be the best bet. I was looking at the tusk or super stock. Are these larger than stock?

yes, the TUSK peg should be a bit larger ... also ... I cant remember where I saw them, but there are also U-shaped toothed strips of steel sold, that can be welded onto your existing pegs to increase the overall size ...

IMS Pro Pegs and Thumper Racing Burly Pegs are taller and wider and much much stronger than stock. IMS pegs have the third or middle row of teeth you are asking about.

I've got the Burly Pegs and they are a huge improvement over the stock pegs (which I bent off-roading) and replaced. :D

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