San Francisco, here I come???

OK you guys (Brian, Mike in S.V., Howard Huge),

I just tore more cartilage in the worse of my two knees. I am real sure I will need more surgery to remove the rest of my cartilage (read as VERY BAD). There is a DR. Kevin Stone of the Stone Clinic in 'Frisco who I am looking to do the surgery. He has some real innovative procedures which may restore my knee to as close to 100% as possible. There is still much planning, but I may need some REAL GOOD FRIENDS to keep me company as well as let me the use of their couch for a couple days. Yeah, I know I can rent a room, but may need a lot of help getting around. The last time I had knee surgery, I didn't get off of my couch for 3 weeks. I wore Depends for the duration :). The pain was quite impressive. I can use all the (beer?) and ThumperTalk company I can get while out there. Maybe even our Ghost Crossdresser, Mitchy, may show up. Haven't talked to him yet.

I should only be there 2 or 3 days, so you can relax now!!

What do you guys think??

ThumperTalk XOXO,


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I hope you didn't blow out your knee when you had that belly full of Sam Adams' the other night! When are you coming out (no, not out of the closet)?



As you know, I can commiserate with you on the knee surgery - you're more than welcome to stay at my place. I'm ~60 miles north of SF - we've got two guest rooms so not a problem. However, having had knee surgery I know how incapicitated you'll be - I draw the line at dealing with YOUR bodily functions. You're gonna have to hire a nurse or find a real nice girlfriend in SF on short notice - just make sure you check 'her' qualifications if you know what I mean.

So, when you coming?


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I can't help you on SF since I live in LA. But if you can get down before your surgery and visit you could stay at my place (its small but I remember you being pretty cute :)


I am working on my knee's future now. I have to see a local guy right now. When Dr. Stone gets back to me, we'll go from there.

I have been checking my local e-mail here at work hoping to see Dr. Stone's response. It seems my wife is downloading e-mail at home prior to me seeing it. I WILL NOT talk to her about forwarding it to me. I changed our logon password, so she is locked out of the internet. My intention is not to be an a-hole. I will be going home on Sunday.

Life at Mike68's, one day of it, has been a relief...Writing on the wall?

Harold, I will always have eyes for you!

Thanks, Fella's!


Kevin - set up a hotmail or yahoo email account that can be checked from any computer that has internet access.


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