Chaparral SUX!

Well guess what, seems the bitch at Chaparral, is now gonna honor their ad, and send me the rest of my stuff. Thanks to all who complained and raised hell, cuz it worked!!! A legitimate complaint to the BBB will wake em up if they have any sense, but I guarantee this, my ass ain't never gonna order anything from them again.


Why on earth would you want to give your hard earned cash to some unknown over the phone our worse yet the internet.

I only will buy mail order or e commerce if my LOCAL DEALER cant get what I want.

Very Rarely,

After shipping and hassel it just aint worth it.

Back in the early 90s in their old shop they were the greatest.. Their parking lot sales were famous, you could get great stuff at a great price. I would save up just to make the drive out there.. I too had a really bad expierience with Chaparral through their mail-order channel. I can honestly say they now SUCK!! Horrible customer service and it seems like the place is ran by clueless teens.. For sure, support your local dealer or log on to Rockymountain...

rocky mountain is the best!!!

Someone asked in this thread who owns Chaparral, send your written complaints about the "customer no service" to the owner of Chaparral Dave Damron. Maybe he will start listening to his customers, if everyone writes and tells him about all the problems they are having with his mail order and parts employees and managers. I bet his managers do a great job of insulating him and making sure that he never hears about any customer complaints.

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