Rear wheel options

I am looking to buy another rear wheel to put my sand paddle on so I dont have to swap it on and off the same rim with my knobby.

What I want to know is what wheels will fit my bike? I see yz125 wheels on ebay and I think they are the same dimensions but not 100% sure it will fit.

I dont want to spend the 500+ most places ask so I'm looking for one on ebay but need to know which ones will fit or if anyone knows a good cheap place to buy one from.

Thank you.

oh ya I have a 2005 wr450.

Anyone know if the yz125 wheel will fit an 05 wr?

I'm pretty sure that you want a 19" x 2.15" wheel. Any yz bikes from 2000+ i think all have a 19" wheel but the 125, and 250f's are a 1.85" width. I've been looking for one on ebay for quite a while too since i'm too cheap to get one new, 500ish dollars i think for a good excel wheel. So the 125 wheel will fit on your bike (i think!) but it won't be as wide. And i know in the sand you'll definitely want the wider wheel.

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