New Goodies: BRP S.U.B. Mount / 3.3 Acerbis Tank

After eyeing the BRP Stablizer Under Bar (SUB) mount setup since April, I finally broke down and purchased it for my 05 WR450. I killed two birds (stablizer & bar height) with one stone too. The stock renthals (height) killed me when trying to stand up and ride. At 6', I had no choice but to lean forward and/or bend my knees...neither are comfortable for a long duration of standing! The knew ProTaper fat bars (Henry/Reed) are great and with the SUB Mount, are now 1" higher than stock. On my first spin through the neighborhood I felt very comfortable sitting and standing. I can't wait to get in the desert this season where I can really put the stabilizer to work!

Here's a few pics of the setup...

BRP Sub Mount

Stabilizer Close Up

In addition to this, I also purchased a 3.3 Gallon Acerbis Tank in Blue. I was originally going to go with the 'natural' finish as I was concerned the blue wouldn't match... I'm glad I didn't... the blue looks great and I would suspect the natural would begin to yellow within a few years. Here's a pic of the tank... I still need to take one with it installed on the bike. The fit and finish of this product are AWESOME! As suggested, I am going to swap out the fuel line and the plastic Y with a brass tee and new 1/4" fuel line.

Acerbis 3.3g Tank [Not Dial-Up Friendly]


BRP Scotts sub mount is sweet! :D

GYTR tank is great. dont forget to heat wrap the first 1" of hose from the right side petcock as well as your mods. :D

I run the BRP sub mount as well and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Good call and happy riding!!!

Thanks..... I"ll be sure and pickup some heat wrap!

I think I made the right choice... it was between a pipe and the BRP setup... I figured I'd bite the ($) bullet early and do the damper... the bike has plenty of power rejetted w/ all the free mods and AIS removal. Although I'm planning to pick up a Yosh pipe for Christmas. :D

the tank looks bitchin , although I bought the natural tank and I love it....

dman -

How many miles are you getting from the Acerbis 3.3?

BRP rocks in all their products. The sub mount is perfect for my 6'3" height.

dman -

How many miles are you getting from the Acerbis 3.3?

havent done a long ride yet,althought I only used a third of a tank in two hours of riding...about 38 miles :D nice eh?

90 to 110 miles is what you should get out of the 3.3 gallon tank. Depending on terrain. :D

Can you see your gas level in the tank from the sides? A friend of mine has an older Kawasaki 500cc 2-smoke with the stock green tank, and its transparent enough to see the fuel level. I wish I could see the level from the outside on my wr450.


As long as there is good light you can see the gas line level on the GYTR Acerbis blue tank. It is just transparent enough to allow you to jiggle the bike and see the level line ripple.

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