01' WR426 jetting specs for Yoshimura RS-3

i am looking to find out what jetting specs i need to go by to run my new Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust system on my 01 WR426,it did not come w/ jet kit also, i live and ride at 90% approx 1800 ft. (PHX, AZ)

thanks :D:D

Are you going to run the pipe with the inserts or open? This will make a difference. I have the same pipe and run it open ( for supermoto ), I am in the process of re jetting for the medium (96dB)insert. My bike runs great with the open pipe, and we have the similar riding conditions, I'm in So Cal. I will post the open pipe jetting when I take the carb apart later this evening.

Main Jet 175, pilot jet 48, Needle in position #4, Fuel Screw 2 1/4 turns out. This worked great with the RS-3 pipe with no insert. Bike ridden from 200 to 3000 ft above sea level, pump gas, air box mods, K&N filter.

With the medium insert I plan to use 170 Main, 45 pilot jet, Fuel screw 2 turns out.

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