televised motocross, what stations?

Hi Folks:

I am looking get a satellite dish so I can watch motocross on TV more often than my cable service provides. Can anyone give me guidance on which network and which satellite service will provide this programming?



T Martin

I've got Direct TV, they have POOR customer service - IMHO I'm looking into changing to dish.

The only channels I've seen MX on were espn2 and Speedvision. Mostly espn2.


Chris in the Mojave

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Thanks Chris:

I have only looked into Dish and they tout their customer service, but I have no experience with them. Something that is appealing to me is the fact for a mere $200 you can be set up at home, and for another $125 you can get an auxiliary dish to take with you on motorhome trips. You just take the box from home with your mobile dish and you have TV and music anywhere.

Take care,


T Martin

I've had Dishnetwork for a number of years, but just recently got the "150" package - primarily so I could get Speedvision. Lots of roadbike racing on Speedvision, but not a lot of motocross. Most of the AMA motocross is on ESPN2 or ESPN. You have to pay attention to when the races air because they usually only come on once and it isn't a regular time slot. Mostly on Saturday mornings though - delayed about a week.

If you're a motorhead, like me, Speedvision is worth it. They have some pretty good programing and you have to have it to see Formula 1.

AMA Motocross is only on ESPN2

GNCC is only on Fox

Speedvision has nothing for Motocross or GNCC

I have a 10' dish with 4DTV and can still only watch what ESPN2 and Fox put out. No wild feeds for those channels.


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