Scotts Damper Bracket Issues

I dunno about anyone else, but I was having an issue with the bolt-on bracket that holds the pin for my Scotts Damper. I did all the weld filing and gasket trimming in a textbook fashion and the bracket sat perfectly on the frame with no problems. However, the thing would still move a couple of degrees in either direction during a ride. I installed set screws in an attempt to compensate, but that didn't work. I tried metal epoxy to no avail. I even cranked the little screws in the back so tight that their allen heads stripped out. I was on my way to ordering the weld on bracket when it dawned on me to just weld the damn bolt-on bracket. To make a long story longer, that's what I ended up doing a few days ago. A spot weld at 3 and 9 o'clock and all is right with the world once again. So if you've got a wandering bracket, just tack that thing to the frame with a little 110v mig welder and you'll be in business. Just a little FYI for y'all...SC

Good call just watch the heat on the upper steering head bearing. :D

Can you still remove the bearing with the clamp on welded? It covers the seal somewhat and may make it difficult to pull the bearing out. :D

I have the same problem with mine unless I really crank the screws down tight. I thought of welding it but the previous owner put the temp gauge in where the dip stick goes so to check the oil I have to loosen the Scott's bracket to get enough clearance to remover the temp gauge and check the oil. What a pain in the butt.....might just do away with the temp gauge :D

Instead of a weld, I used JB Weld. No heat on the head tube nor slips after hundreds of miles!!

I use green loctite 638 it is welds the clamp on! :D

I just did little tack welds, so the heat issue was minimal. Since the collar sits below the seal and to the outside of the head tube, I don't think the bearing will be an issue. Since they're little welds, they can be ground off in a matter of minutes if need be. Thanks for the watchouts though...SC

Maybe there are some bikes where the bolt-on tower works. I haven't found one yet. Weld it.


Did you tack weld the frame bracket on top (adjacent to or on top of the seal) or on the underside?


I tack welded mine on after the bracket came loose and the bars locked up on a gnarly downhill. No problem with getting to the steering head bearings.

Can the tower be welded on the new aluminum frame?

According to Clark (we pm'ed), he tack welded it on the underside of the frame bracket. This makes sense.

Also, I just talked to one of the customer service reps at Scotts and he said he did the same thing on his bike. Sounds like the way to go.

Post some pics of your securing jobs.

Yup, this is a pretty common problem. I remember dealing with the bracket always popping loose after a good get off. You truly don't realize how much your damper works until you have to ride without it :eek:

The clamp has come loose maybe 1 more time in the past 4 years. What the trick with them little allen bolts is turn it just a bit, then switch to the other one, repeat, until all the way tight. This has worked great for me.

If it happens to me again, I'll remember this post. :applause:

Here are my pictures. It's still cooling off. Haven't cleaned it up yet. I'll get out the dremel and the frame paint and make it look a little nicer than this.

I'm also going to get the bar clamp anodized red to match the triple clamp. That will be nice.

Brake side


Clutch side


No thoughts on my welding job, eh?


Nothing like the old "booger weld" technique :bonk:. As long as it holds, who cares what it looks like, though I did grind mine down afterwards because I'm anal about stuff like that...SC

I have the same problem on my xr. it still moves a little on hard settings

Anyone here put one on thier 07' yet and experience problems?

Anyone here put one on thier 07' yet and experience problems?

Actually I just realized that the 07' kit has a bracket or tab coming off of it that allows it to be held in place by the front gas tank bolt:thumbsup: No problems.....

Here's my SUB mount on my WR450F.



Here's my SUB mount on my WR450F.



Who's kit is that?

I just got the BRP under bar kit and it looks just a little different than that.

Nice set up:thumbsup:

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