how heavy should i go

i ride a 2004 yzf 450 and would like to get some feed back from other riders on what weight they use on there bike for woods racing. i race on the east coast where we race on some tight trail.

thanks in advance

I use a chrome chain steering wheel for the tight stuff.

I'm not clear on the "weight" you're talking about. I'm a buck 65 with no gear.

If you're talking about a flywheel weight, I'd just mount up a Rekluse. This is what I did and it's a dream in handlebar tight stuff-if handlebar tight stuff makes you want to sing kum-ba-ya and hug everyone.

Get a Rekluse, drop a tooth on the front, keep a stock rear, a plush woods valving on the suspenders, and avoid those trees.


Well, that was entertaining.

I run 10w-40 synthetic (Mobil1 MX4T) all the time, and I ride the California deserts part of the time. It's good up to outside temps of 111 degrees, which covers everything I ride. You can also use an ?w-50 if you want.

You have me thinking about this weight question-

Some of us are a heap bit confused...Injun' talk you know!

If you're after putting on a few, Do like me- I'd suggest eating lots of cracklin's with hot sauce. Nothing better is available for us dirt bike riders to make your coat shine or allow you to put on the El-Bee's faster than eating massive quanties of fried pig skin.

If this is the wrong kind of weight, I'd stick around and Weight for at least 30 to 45 minutes, then leave 'em-you didn't need them no how.

You weighted far too long to start with.


sorry if i was unclear i was talking about the weight of the fly wheel that u use

You were unclear. But the answer is 8 ounces, in the case you want to use a flywheel such as the Dr.D, on which the weight is welded in place, rather than bolted on.

I went a little extreme and I run a 14 oz from Zip-Ty Racing. It made all the difference in the world. But with that mod being complete I am going to get a rekluse very very soon. Most of the people I ride with run them and they are much faster and smoother and never stall. Keep in mind that the rekluse adds something like 6-8 oz of weight along with the auto clutch. So spend 140 on just the weight or save up for a month and spend 400 on the rekluse. If I had to do it again I would go the later route for sure first.

The ziptie weight is $140? The 8oz Dr.D is $90! The portion of the bolt-on weight that forms the central hub that is used to bolt the flywheel weight to the original flywheel is not as effective as the same amount of weight would be if it were located farther out from the center, as the entire mass of a welded on weight is. The 140z Zipper is a lot of metal, though, and is probably an increase in overall flywheel effect over the big Dr.D. The 8oz Dubach flywheel is roughly equal to an 11-12oz bolt-on.

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