good enduro tires for street and road

I have a 2004 WR 450 and im looking for some good tires that will work good on and off the road. any ideas? I ride on the road to alot of the places that i ride so i need some thing that very slow wear but is crazy in the dirt. Thanks Jake :D

Dunlop 606 has a good rep for the street heavy off road bike with very good mileage results. Michelin Baja also does very well! :D

That's right the Dunlop 606 is a great choose. I can't fault them .

You can feel when they are about to slip .


I got a Dunlop 606 on the back of mine. It is about 1/2 worn after about 1200kms.

It's a great tyre with great hook up in hard pack but is alot more loose in all other terrain. It has big chunky knobys that wear very evenly. I am happy with mine but I would like a tyre with a bit more grip. I have a new one sitting in my cupboard but I don't know if I am going to use it.

Everyone in my part of Australia uses Kenda tyres (Except a few of us that can be bothered getting others freighted in), if you choose the wrong one, you will shread it in no time. the durability of kenda tyres is absolute crap. The only one I see that half works is the Kenda Carlsbad hardpack one but then it does not wear evenly.

There is a reason that Dunlops cost a bit more.

I just put a maxxis HT on the rear of my 426. Yet to hit the dirt, but took it for a street run tonight. I love the way a brand new nobby powerslides on the street :D

Kenda Track master rear :D

Just don't put one on the front.

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