what kind of power do these XR600's carry?

what kind of power do these XR600's carry?... i was thinking about getting one to blow my friends away but dont know anything about them

be ready for a huge difference. i used to ride an xr 100 with my buddies on their raptors and kfx 700s and threre yfzs and so i though good deal on this 600, ill show them whats up. i sure showed them in the straigt drag but the weight killed me on the trails. i was 5'2" when i bought it and weighed 125. now i am 5'6" and 145 and it is way more fun. kinda a huge jump to go from 100 or 150 to 600, but it is awsome once you get used to it.

That kind of jump in bike class is a good way to get hurt in my opinion. Going from a 150 to a 250 is a good next step. Unless you're a big guy like over 200 lbs or fairly experienced, the size and power are gonna screw up your fun, big time.

yeah i agree with ssanddemon. he got across the point i wasnt to clear on. i really regret not getting a 250 or a 2 smoke 200 endero. and those both should be able to eat whatever your buddies are riding if they are riding in the same class as you.

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