Moose Monarch Pass Pants?

Has anyone tried these riding pants? They look nice, but they're pricey. I'm looking for good quality and comfortable pants and thought these might work. How's the fit on these pants - should I buy the same size as I wear for jeans?

Any other suggestions for good weather-resistant riding pants?



I bought a pair of Gore-Tex pants on eBay for about $30 shipped to my door. They're not very durable, but I started wearing Thor knee guards over them, so they don't see too much abuse. They definitely keep me dry.

I run the Moose Monarch Pass pants and jacket! :D:D:eek: Awesome quality and performance. :eek:

I use it for winter riding down to 30 degrees! :D

I have the 2004 Expedition pant and jacket... I like them a lot. Check around... you may be able to get last year's closeouts. I got my set for less than half price at BTO Motorsports online. If I could do it again, I would get the pants one size larger than I did. I got my exact waist size because I didn't want them to fall off, and while they fit fine, they are more snug than I prefer. Good luck.

Another thumps up for the Moose Monarch Pass.

Great for winter or anytime its going to be wet. I have been using of late for dual sporting. :D

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