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Just got my '01 WR426

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Well...after almost buying the cleanest WR400 I'd ever seen (for $4300) I decided to give my local dealers a shot at a new one. One dealer had a new 2000 WR400 for $5300 and was selling a new 2001 WR426 for $6200, which was the going rate for this area (Portland, OR). But, I worked a deal with the Yamaha shop in Oregon City and was out-the-door at $5700. :) Not bad, I think...but who cares now because I've got my new bike. My riding partner rides a '99 WR400 and was a little bummed that I got the new one, but I'm sure that will pass (Thank you Bryan :D ). So I went out the door with the bike, a set of ProTapers, Devol frame guards, and some other little things. Now it's time to ride... :D

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I also Bought a New Wr426 here on March 9th. Its one sweet machine. I did however have to learn how to start it. Its not hard once you figure out the kicking methodology.(ill go into that in a minute).

I suggest Breaking her in (2 full tanks will do it. Change the oil.. DO NOT USE STANDARD ENGINE OIL!(it wipes your clutch plates because its a Slippery formula, and clutches need a Grippy formula). Use ONLY Yamalube 4 or Something to that nature.. and Then going for milling Throttle stop. Its an easy precedure. the total length from head to tip at 1 inch. Its just about 1 1/2 inches to begin with. You can go just a tick below 1 inch, but be very careful you dont go much below it. .950 Inches. TOPS.

if you go over, it will cause turbulence, and actually rob power. You will Gain 8Hp done right, and MAN you Sure notice it!

Taking out the Air box lid(the Whole cover, Not just the Vent cover) will net you 2 Hp.

And removing the Baffle which is a cool feature of the WR in The States. You can take it out with a 10 MM wrench, and still be legal, because its still got its Spark arrestor! This will net you another 4Hp. But also, more noise. Unless you are a serious Motocrosser, Dont bother moving the Exhaust cam Forward one tooth. All it does is trade Bottom end, for top end run out. The reason you wont gain much is that the WR has more flywheel mass than Our YZ 426 Brother..but the WR is more tractable machine (its noticably more than the YZ), you would never really need it anyway. Better to have it pull harder down low. Its a WR right? :)

Also.. Im going to be getting the GTYR Aluminum Thumb Decompression lever. (its in Yamahas 2001 Offroad catalog).. Its 90 bucks, but it wont be snapped off on a branch, or other object. :D

Ok.. I have some other things to write, but Ill save it for later.

Starting.. The Manual isnt all that helpful really.. If you are having troubles.. I have the key.. and its this simple..

Ok.. #1.. You need to find TDC.. It will be Hard as All Hell to move the kick starter lever when you do.. If its exhaust.. it feels "spongy".. And you will put a bit of pressure down on the kick starter, and it will just move down anyway...but..right after that.. you will come to TDC.. And once there, you will be able to stand on the kick starter and it wont BUDGE.

#2.. When at TDC.. (this is By far THE most important thing!).. pull out your choke button, turn the throttle TWICE.and then pull the decompression lever,Make Sure you have taken the load off the Kickstarter lever at this point.. BARELY have your leg weight on it.

Once you have Done this..you will fine that the pressure will Drop off..at this point..you must Just barely move the kickstarter past TDC.. BARELY!... Then, RELEASE the Kickstarter completely, and NAIL IT! Ive Done it, And it works great. But I had to go back to Rivercity Yamaha Here in Postfalls Idaho to be shown how.

(I was really getting mad at having a bike that cost me 6500 with tax and not being able to start it)..

Im jealous of you getting yours for 5800 dude!..

There is definately a method to it..

Also.. This is important for starting ease.. Make damn sure you have the Idle at 1700-1900 Rpm Like it says in the service manual. It helps The Engine Warm-up faster, and It also aids in starting.. But remember.. if you add Rpms to this number.. you Risk getting a nice kickback that will send you over the bars!. (havent done it.. but big bore thumper owners Ive talked to say that twisting the throttle during startup is a BAD thing as well as raising the Rpms).

Reducing rpms will make it harder to start.

Well, hope some of this helps.. Be sure to recheck all bolts and fasteners.. I had a couple loosen up. The Side panels, and the Radiator Shrouds seem to be the areas to loosen up a bit on these (at least out of the crate anyway).

If you have anything you are curious about, or if anyone else has anything to add, please do.

Again, That rules that you got your bike so cheap. I was born in Portland and lived there the first 5 years of my life.. And the last 25 here in Idaho. You have some great areas to go from where you are now. :D Ride hard man!.

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I'm a little bummed that you have the new bike, however, its going to be fun when I roost you with dirt and gravel :)! It won't be new for long! :D Enjoy it while you can.


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Im a bit confused..but thanks for the comment anyway. :)

What bike are you running? Im just excited to get my first new one. I had no real Idea that the Wr was such a cool bike. Ive had Many bikes over the years (mostly YZs), but nothing like this. :D Shes My first Thumper.And MY GOD im so IMPRESSED!. Never thought Id Like a Thumper.. This One really Is impressive.

I really like this site. Id never seen it before till about a week ago. Lots of topics.. and Alot of cool dudes taking like a bunch of family dudes in regards to thier bikes being similar. Gotta love it. Makes it easier than getting into arguements with Other Bike owners of different brands.

You own a Yamaha? Cool. I like Bikes. But Yamaha Is My Preference.

Take care.

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