520 EXC street legal?

Has anyone made their 520 street legal? Thanks !!

I made my 400 street legal. I guess that's the same as making the 520 legal.

Up here in Canada, you can plate an EXC with no mods.

After I picked up the bike(01'400EXC) and ownership I just went to the motor vehicle office with proof of insurance and got a road plate no fuss, no muss.

I needed a $5.95 horn, a $5.95 mirror and an $8.95 brake switch.

at least you didnt pay $400 for a baja-

designs dual-sport kit......like i did :)

XR - I did spend 400 bucks on a Baja Designs kit - but for my previous bike (wr 400). I even bought the damn DOT legal tires for $160. But not this time!

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