Changes? to 520 EXC for '02

Whats different, better and/or the same?


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other goddies!

New o-ring chain (better seal), thicker ignition and clutch covers (more durable), better clutch plates (less notchy), sealed bearing camshaft (durability), revised waterpump seal, larger fork tubes (sx) w/ new preload adjuster, revised fork valving, stiffer fork springs (sx), forged shock body (not cast), separate hi/low compression adjustment (sx), new shock valving, shock botteming system engages later in the stroke, stiffer shock spring (sx), redesigned swingarm (more ridgid). Sounds like a lot however, these should be considered refinements rather than a major redesign. Hey, they're great bikes to begin with, just a little better now. This info came from the Sept. edition of Dirt Bike. Enjoy! :)

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