Need help with throttle!

I have a 2001 xr650r that I have to change the bars on b/c I changed the triple clamps... When I went to remove the throttle I found that the last person (just bought this bike 2 weeks ago) to use a screw driver on the phillips head screw, stripped them out. :D

So now I cant remove the throttle. Not only that, in trying all my options to remove I think I might have damaged it. :D

Okay so please help me figure out what my options are. I need to do something quickly so I can ride this weekend.

just destroy the screws getting them out, use vice grips or screw extractors or whatever.

Then run down to NAPA and get two 6mm x 100 x 20 alen head bolts so you never have to wory about it again.

They cost a whole $0.49 per bolt.

I'm not sure if this will work on the throttle cause I don't know if there is room, but I have often used a metal hacksaw blade to cut a groove in the head, then simply use a flat blade screwdriver to undo it. It can be a laborious task but with a bit of patience and persistence you can usually get enough of a groove to get it undone.

Alternatively if you can get one side undone it should be loose enough to slide of the end, may have remove the handlebar bolts or disconnect the cables from the carby first to get enough room to slide it off.

I would drill the heads off using the same diameter drill as the screw shank. Once apart you should be able to turn the threaded shank out with pliers or visegrips.


Thanks everyone. I had given up thinking that I was going to have to buy a whole new assembly. I think I may be able to salvage it after all. Thanks.

Try an "easy out". They are basically reverse threaded drill bits. It will ruin the bolt, but as previously posted by Supplicate, they are cheap to replace. You can pick them up at any Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. :D

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