What does it take to open a MX Track in So. Cal?

I am just curious if anyone out there would have any idea of what it would take to open a track in So. Cal. I am actually talking about the Antelope Valley area. I have a 20 acre piece of land that I am thinking of building a track on. My big concerns are this.

1. Insurance- Who provides it and what does it cost? Anyone have any clue on this one?

2. Zoning- Do you have to change the zoning for the land. It is currently zoned A1 which I belive is Agricultural, 1 acre parcels.

3. Is there a need for more tracks in this area? I realize that there is already LACR, AV Motoplex and Baggeland (Private) in the area. I have been to LACR and they seem to get a good crowd on there practice and race days and AV Motoplex is just starting up.

Thanks for any info. I am thinking it may be a long process and I will have to get alot of (Good) dirt which I am sure is not cheap either.

Insurance for tracks is very difficult to get. Some tracks are having money trouble because of it. What surrounds the land? Anyone who would complain?

In my opinion, it's not worth it. There is too much involved and too many headaches. UNLESS......you see this as a business oppurtunity and are dead set on making some money off of it.

I would build a track on it for personal use only. If you open it up to the public, that's when things get interesting. Too much at risk.

A guy I know that rode for the Samsung Supercross team built a practice track a couple miles from my house. It was THE nicest private track I have ever seen. A full on SX track, professionally designed and built. It was built on a dairy, and they did not have neighbors or any issues with noise. Somehow the City got wind of it and track was shut down. Apparently you have to have a Grading Permit to substantially alter your property. It was all BS by the City to get it shut down.

It was probably a good thing. It was a crazy, intimidating track that sent a few people home with moderate injuries on a weekly basis.

If you're serious about this, make sure you have some options with the way it's currently zoned. I don't know how zoning works in California. It could take an act of god to change it. Also make sure you've got all the necessary permits.

Insurance will be huge and you'll probably faint when you find out how much it's going to be, assuming you can get it. You would have to build a great track to attract a lot of riders. You'll going to have to come up with a lot of money from practice fees to pay the insurance.

I don't want to sound negative, but there is a lot involved and many things to go through to make it happen.

Insurance is going to be huge. Riverfront Park up here in Marysville was shut down for a while after 9/11 due to not being able to get insurance and also getting sued. They eventually reopened and got back on their feet with help from the City. The City is helping them out because they realize the amount of revenue the track brings to the City (shopping, restraurants, gas, hotels, etc.).

If it were me I would first go down to the administration buildings in your City and talk to someone about zoning and permitting. If things go well the next step would be to get a good lawyer and see what they think. They can help you with the legal side of things. If you get to the point where things are looking bright, make sure the waiver has you covered.

Good luck! :D

I have no idea but I just wish you good luck. It would be great...plus DIRTBIKING 24/7!!! anyways all my luck to you.

I hope you have a strong stomach, your going to need it. Between the City, County, any neighbors that are close enough to count, ordinances and insurance, you will think you are trying to open a nuculear power plant. :D These days operators of anything that create noise, air pollution, traffic and a nuisance to anyone with a voice, have to come up with an EIR (at their own cost) and have so much liability insurance that it is almost impossible to make a go of it. I hope it's not as bad as LA County :D and that you are able to follow your dream, good luck. :D

The BIG issues facing you:

Obtaining a County or City permit to grade and operate an MX track.

Obtaining general liability insurance for participants and spectators.

Meeting California's sound requirements of 96db.

A stable water source to keep the track watered.

Capital outlay $$$$ to buy a watertruck, dozer, 4X4 skip loader, starting gate, build a tower, hay bales, etc.

$$$ to purchase dirt and sand for the track, plus trucking fee.


I don't mean to rain on your parade but I found out about the process from trying to help a friend who wanted to do the samething on his land. Uphill battle all the way. Been there, done that.

So what is up? Are you still planning, or have you decided that you are going to do it?

I own the 30 acres at J-8 and 90th east. It is gated the whole 30 acres and has lighting already on quite a bit of it since it use to have an equestrian center on it. We recently told the people that were leasing the land from us to get off the property. There is still some existing lighting where they had the arena but all the stables and arena have been torn down. I am thinking I may just build a small 50 track for my son and maybe a small track for me. One thing is for sure it will have to be for personal use cause there is way to much liability for a public track. There are really no neighbors out there as of yet. There is a junk or recycle yard next door to the property but thats about it. Thanks for all the replies.

Someone just built a track just off the 14, i think by the antelope valley fairgrounds. I would check that out.

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