bringing home the beast

1. With KTM what's to be expected as far as initial factory setup is concerned (been on hondas for the past 20years). Do I take the bike out and ride it weekend #1, or, instead take it apart, lubricate it, tighten its bolts, oil its filter etc.

2. What's the concensus on proper break-in and oil changes. Have heard to stay away from re-useable filters for 10 oil changes or so. What do you guys think?

3. whats the drill for setting preload on a linkless shock system. Same?

enough for now.

thanks fellas

Follow the stuff in the manual.

First oil change will take you a while :D needs to been done in the first three hours. When you clean the screens don't use anything that will eat the O-rings...REMEMBER TO BOLT THE BRAKE RESEVOIR BACK UP ( DON'T ASK! )

Bikes come greased. Watch the rear sprocket bolts, been told they come loose but haven't seen it on mine....

When you set the preload on the shock be careful not to OVER TORQUE the set screw, you can crack the ring....



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Be sure to loctite your kick-starter, mine fell off one day in the pits. It was a good thing it didn't fall off on the track. Also, keep an eye on the spokes, I can't believe how fast they loosen on this bike - I tighten mine every ride. You're going to love your new toy. Good luck.

LOC-TITE anything that has threads!!!! Heck, I had my front engine mount bolt come loose, in the Ny-Lok nut!! If it hadn't been for some good engineering (an oxymoron in most any case)the bolt would have fallen out, as well as the nut, except that the nut is tanged in, and the bolt is attached from the inside. Since, I have had 5 bolts vibrate loose. This thing just eats itself apart!! Love it though :) I since have blue loc-tited EVERY bolt on the beast,


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I took my 02 520 for it's first ride yesterday. Rode it for 10 minutes and checked the bolts.

Found that I lost 0ne lower clamp bolt for the front shocks and one of the carby bolts had come very loose.

So it is always a good idea to loc-tite all the bolts even before you ride it because it only took 10 minutes for mine to vibrate loose.

Make sure you check all bolts before you take it out - I rode a 2002 400 last week and it was straight from the crate - oil banjo bolt on top of engine came loose and pumped a lot of oil over the cases. Aside from that this is the best bike I have ridden - the suspension is a mile ahead of the 01's - or maybe I have just got quicker and hit things hard enough now.

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