520sx changed to a 540, Ti 2-into-1 pipe and big valves?


540 bore, big valves, port/polish, 2-into-1 exhaust, e-start, Talon/Excell wheels/hubs, pre-load adjusters on the forks... sounds like a neat bike, what do you think?

What kind of power output (hp) do you think it would deliver? Definitely eat CR5hunnies?

By the way, I'm a first time poster, long time (a few months) reader. Sorry if I've missed a similar post.

PS>> I've only bought a KTM 50 from them so far, but had great service. If you buy something from them, let them know Scott B. from Nebo sent you, never know, it might help if/when I decide to get a big bike for myself.

[This message has been edited by bash (edited September 01, 2001).]

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