rear suspension linkage vs. no linkage

Why is it that all of the Japanese bikes come with a linkage in the rear suspension and the KTM does not?



T Martin

KTM 520 EXC (soon!!!)

XR 400

Two son's bikes

01 RM 80

01 RM 80

I asked the same question after spending a few hours greasing and installing new bearings on my WR this weekend. Is there a KTM in my future? :) Maybe...

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it is a very interesting question.

considering that Yamaha had the DeCarbon single shock linkless system back in the mid 70's and then left it. i still have my '81yz125 that has a linkless single shock rear and i can tell you that it sucks compared to the new version with a link.

another intesting thing is that back in the rear suspension war days (monocross, uni-track, full floater, pro-link) that now all of the jap bikes linkages look almost identical to the honda pro-link in one way or another.

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