Good Deal on '01 WR426

Any suggestions on where to get a good price on a new 2001 WR426? I currently own a 99 wr400 and had one of the first ones to hit Arizona. I paid full retail plus assembly, freight and tax. But that was a good as I could find (law of supply and demand you know). Anyway, looking to upgrade and want to do better than retail plus. I recently moved to Utah, but will travel to get a good deal. If I can find a good price, will buy three of them (myself and two riding friends).

Thanks for the help.

'99 WR 400, uncorked, YZ timed, scotts stabilizer, IMS tank/seat, WB pipe, applied top tripple, pro taper,etc.


Have your suspension done by MX Tech and have Eric Gorr build you a 420. If you (and I) can get the accelerator pump working like a 2001, it will be better than a 2001. It is now customed to you.

I have to go with the 420 (~$350) due to some cylinder damage. I had muddy water get sucked into my head vent tube, which damaged the cylinder. Eric is going to give me the setup he does to the vent line.

Unless there is a real reason to get the 2001, save your money. I was beating '96 CR250 Honda's with an "Outdated" '91 CR250. I had my cylinder ported (by Eric) for increased bottom, and had the suspension revalved by Factory Connection. The bike was fabulous. I know I could beat any 2001 mx bike with my 91.

Just food for thought, that's all.


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.


Are you in Utah? If so, where do you ride? I live in Springville.

I just picked up an '01 426 (from AZ while on Thanksgiving break) and it is the first WR i've owned. I have been breaking it in slowly, but ready for some good rides now.



I CAN SALE YOU 2001 WR 426'S FOR $6000.00


866-782-4600 THANKS MARK


Check out Carbon Emery Honda/Yamaha in Helper, UT. That's where I've bought my last three bikes including my '00 WR400 last year at a very good price. Talk to Tom.

Rod, you and Craig should hook up with my brothers and I and do some rides down south in the San Raphael Swell or Moab. We're planning a ride in the next week or so.

Good Luck! Chris

Utah Motorcycle Adventures

well, just to throw in my 2 cents. Keep the Canadian/ U.S. exchange thing in mind. I just phoned a few shops in Calagry, Alberta, and they have 426's in stock and they 're retailing for ~$7500 Canadian.. now take our outrageous exchange rate (1.55:1 Can:U.S.) and you end up paying about $4900 U.S.

I hope I haven't broken any taboos by suggesting this and depriving my local guys out of buying the 426, but hey, I have a '00 400 in the garage... no problems... first come first serve. :)

even with shipping and the like, you might still come out ahead.


Neil, That is a good thought. Can you get me some phone numbers to call and check on availability of bikes?



email -

hi again.

yep no problem... is it worth a several day ride to come north and snag a non-U.S. model. I think so. :D My folks were snowbirds and used to make the Calgary to Pheonix run -oneway- in 2.5 days. :D You might want to check the dreaded VIN number before you make the trip though. It would suck to get back home to find you'll never be able to street-mod the beast. (it's a non-issue for me :) )

Here's a few links in order of preference.

Bow Cycle 403-288-5421

(they were the best deal in town last year)

(their over the telephone price was $7500 CAN)

Walt Healy 403-250-8630

Pro-Am Motorcycles 403-277-0099

Blackfoot Motorcycles 403-243-2636

(largest least-friendly shop/warehouse in Calgary. Their over the telephone price was $7850 CAN)

There ya go. If you think you are closer to British Columbia I can dig up a few more names. As for the taxes, you can get a refund for the canadian taxes you pay... but you might have to re-pay them when you register in your state. .. who knows...

good luck. It's nice to at least have these number in your pocket when negotiating with your local dealer. .. but these bikes are very much in demand here as well. :D it is a sellers market.


Thanks Neil. I'll look into it.


Thanks Neil. I'll look into it.


hey neil,

sownds interesting, do you know of any good deals in the u.s.?

hey craig,when i was travellin through utah i stopped at a yammy dealer in cortez colorado little over 100 miles from moab.they seemed to have good prices plus you dont pay tax on out of state sales .not a big dealership but you can always give em a try.

Just a heads-up for the California guys thinking of buying a Canadian bike. My buddy went this route and has hit several roadblocks at the DMV. After having the bike for 3 weeks, he has still not yet been able to get a green sticker or a plate. The CA DMV won't accept the Canadian paperwork. They don't like the title, dealer paperwork, Canadian vs US tax info, nor the "incomplete" engraved serial number on the engine block. It's just a big no-go at this point.

Do I know of any good deals in the US? Naw. Besides, my garage is full. If I look at bike deals I always end up rationalizing why I need them :) Besides... from my point of view there are no deals by going south of the border. The exchange rate between the U.S. & CAN dollar is huge.

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