OZ Model, Throtle Stop

Can any one tell me if the throtle stop modification can, or needs to be done on the 99 Australian model. Also does the YZ timing take noticeable power from the bottom end, as I generally ride in the tight... Any help appreciated, thanks.......


We get the YZ throttle stop, It dosent need to be trimmed. the YZ timing gives the bike a more 2stroke feel more noticable through the mid range & top end, With the addition of a #45 or #48 pilot jet and a #100 pilot air jet or better still an adjustable pilot air jet Screw to give a stronger bottom end you will have a stronger more responsive/aggressive ride from GO to WOAH. Have a look at the jetting specs section in the technical pages to get a starting point for jetting your bike to suit the various modifications you may have made. Hope this is of some help, GOOD LUCK !




YZ timing,EKN needle, VORTEX dualcurve ignition

SF triple platinum s/plug

open box -unifilter

98oct fuel

Staintune s/s open exhaust& header......

Somebody stop me !!!

Thanks a lot for your help Andrew, im going to try the yz timing out and follow your suggestions..

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