Advice on Stabilizers, Bars and Top Clamps

I have the scotss damper/triple clamp combo. Is there ANY way I can raise the bars?????????????? :D

I think you would have to either switch to the SUB mount or get new bars. I could be wrong because I'm just looking into this stuff myself.

If the Scotts top clamp has all the necessary mounting points for headlight, etc., will the SUB mount fit also? What about BRP? Are they affiliated with Scotts?

I am assuming the damping mechanism is connected to the SUB mount and not the top clamp.

You can not go with just any upper clamp. They do not make a sub mount for the Applied clamps I have. If I were you, I would call and ask scotts before ordering a set of clamps for a future damper. :D

GPR stabilizers uses applied clamps.

BRP is affiliated with Scotts in that they make the SUB mount for them that is also sold on both websites. I've spoken with both companies and got the same answer. From what they told me, the SUB mount hardware and bar risers are identical for both the BRP and Scotts triple clamp...SC

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