XR600 front wheel


I crashed my front wheel on my XR650R, and then bought a XR600 front wheel because I read several places that it would fit the XR650R. But it don't. Can anyone tell me if they got a XR600 front wheel to fit on their XR650R, and how they did it??

The wheel I have is a '95. Problem is that there is more space between the left frontfork and rim than there is between right frontfork and rim. And then if I try and push the wheel more to the left, then the disc scratches to the caliper bracket.... Crap :-(



The wheel spacer on the disc side looks same but is slightly different.

Comparing the 600 to 650R - looking at the spacer one will have a tiny groove machined in it, the other will not. One is wider than the other, slightly. Whichever you have, switch to the other spacer. Maybe you got the 600 wheel without spacers so you may need to go buy one.

If you do have both spacers and still have a rub problem I don't know what to say. It's worked for me that way.

I put an XR600 front wheel on my BRP. Tim is right about the spacer, you need to buy a spacer for a 600. I also had to add a .100" spacer on my axle because it bottomed out before it tightened the wheel. It worked out fine but is a little of a pain. If you didn't damage your hub why don't you replace the rim with a new one. I'm on my 3rd set of Excels and not my last. :D

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