Leaking Counter Shaft Seal

Anybody had problems with leaky countershaft seals?

I have two 2000 model 200 EXC's and just got a 2002 400EXC.

One of the 200's has had a chronic leak around the counter shaft seal. I have replaced the seal numerous times without success. The other 200 has never leaked a drop.

I have looked at the O-Ring (I haven't replaced it) and don't see anything wrong.

I've also closely inspected the sleeve that slips over the shaft and slides into the seal and don't see any nicks or scratches.

If I set the bike on the kick stand, oil drips on to the floor.

If I set it on a center sytand it doesn't leak a drop.

When I ride it, it oils the chain.

Any suggestions?


Need to replace the o-ring it is allowing oil to run out under the sleeve.

In 2001 the c/s oring was upgraded. Make sure you get the newer one. Also inspect the bushing. It will groove over time.


Mike Kruger

Cycle Zone KTM

Topeka, KS

866-843-7433 toll free

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