clutch lever

saw three bikes on sunday with snapped clutch levers, are they brittle or what!

does anyone use a nice soft alloy aftermarket one that takes a knock?


My new bike is being delivered with aluminum hand guards installed. I've never had a bike without them and I've never broken a lever.

Taffy - Scroll down a bit to the topic :

Aftermarket Clutch levers? Flanders?

Flander's - about $10 but the adjuster is junk. Good deal if you just take the adjuster off your stock lever :-)

Enduro Engineering - about $40, has a bearing and is "an easy pull" lever. Some complains of them causing Master cylinder leaks but haven't been able to confirm this first's all ways " I heard that ....". I can't imagine Lafferty would endorse it if it was a problem, but who knows....

Holeshot - about $40 has a bearing... sound familiar?

The stock lever is forged and VERY durable, I just took mine off and bent it back! :)

Bud C - AL hand guards maybe a wonderful thing in your application, but not in mine....There is no way I'm putting a set of aluminum arm breakers on my MX bike! Maybe in the woods the benefits outweigh the risk, but not where I ride...desert and MX. I can buy a BUNCH of $70 clutch levers just with the $500 insurance deductible from one broken arm. Just something to think about. :D

I agree with the arm/wrist breaking thing. I've seen it happen. I guess I've been lucky so far. On the flip side a broken lever can ruin a weekend or a race day.


Find a White Bros Dealer, or give the comopany a call direct. They sell OEM copies made for Magura. Prices are reasonable, and it comes with the adjuster!

Have you already wrapped one layer of teflon tape between the bar and master cylinders? This helps a lot.

Enduro Engineering makes a nice forged lever which reduces clutch pull. They're also cheaper than the stock lever - $39.95.

thanks for your replies.

i had spotted the earlier posts about the aftermarket levers but my point was about their SOFTNESS. i just wondered how many knocks they take. the OEM is way too hard! IMO


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