Dear Kevvie and Bill

Hey Guys,

Yes, it is Mitch, teh crossdrsesser him/herself. Sorry I have not been on-line for so long. I have been extremely busy with work and with racing (less time for racing than I would really like). I have recently bought a 2000 YZ250 and am using that as a practise bike and the WR400 as my Motard Bike.

Kevvie, I am sorry to hear about your knee. how did it happen? Also, I am sorry to hear that you really dont have any true friends. Mate, If I was living in the US as I wished I were, I would be there for you. It is just a little difficult being so far away. You do realise that if you ever need someone to talk to, PLEASE, call me at home or on the mobile and I would call you right back. You are certainly one of those TRUE people out there. I will be in the US VERY soon. Hang in there.

Bill, my old friend. Sounds like all is well with you and I hope all remains well. YOu are still one of the most insightful people I know and I truly cant wait to meet you.

Love all you guys.


Thanks, Mitch. It is nice hearing from you!! :)


check your email......good to hear from you!


Hey Bill,

Just checked my email at 10:00am Monday morning (here).... Did you send it to



I used the one linked to your profile, bidtemp2. Let me know if don't receive there anymore and I'll re-send it :)


I have not used the bidtemp account for about 6 months... :D

Use the yahoo account.. :)

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