Broke off oil screen inside frame...!!

While pulling out that fI Icking screen from the frame, I manage to break it off of the bolt. The screen is now stuck inside the frame. I tried forever to get it out, but no luck. I buttoned everything up, and took her for a ride, no problems. Can anyone forsee this becoming an issue? It looks like the tubes that take the oil to and from the frame are too small for the screen to get sucked into....

Thanks guys.

2005 WR450f california plated

:D I don't know. :D But that is why I have been avoiding doing mine. Has anyone actually found chunks big enough to clog this thing to warrent taking it out? I feel for you, I dropped a piece of clear tubing In the frame of my old XR400 to get some oil out after overfilling it. Took me 2 hours to fish that thing out. :D

I dont reallythink it needs to be touched-I havent seen so much as a spec in mine and they are very brittle!! Best leave it alone unless something goes bang IMHO

Has anyone actually found chunks big enough to clog this thing to warrent taking it out?
Just the very first oil change. Now I only check it every couple of months, but I dont find anything. Seems like a waste of time, but sometimes I have extra time anyways.

I've never had anything in my screen.


I like your sig.......

more stuff than I should tell my wife about...
Dude, me too. Do what I do and DONT tell her. They dont pay enough attention to notice all the new shiznit anyways. hahaha.

Pulled mine out because manual said to (first oil change). I found nothing in it OR the oil filter. Seems to me that the oil screen is to catch really big particles . . . like rocks and twigs :D The gaps are freakin' huge. The screen on my patio door is tighter than that. I think it may be for the rare, unfortunate, unlikely chance that something might fall into your crankcase while filling the oil. Like a boulder?

Bingo! Once my brother broke his fill cap off the crankcase about 15 miles from the truck. It was downpouring and raining like hell. As a very last resort, we broke a pine branch, cleared all the bark and debris, and stuffed her in the hole. It worked. But man you should have seen the shiznit in the filter and screen on that oil change. :D:D:D:eek::eek::eek:

I checked mine last night on my first oil change - nothing. Probably will never check it again. Not is it very delicate, its a pain to do.

thanks fellas, I agree, the weaving on the screen is so loose!!

I'm glad to see I am not alone in thinking this part of the oil change is a waste of time. I'm a little shocked at the mileage yamaha reccomends oil changes. I'm use to changing oil after every ride, (ride = 2 day weekend) on my CR480R.

I wanted to see it on the first oil change just to make sure it didnt pick up anything from manufacturing. As I said it looked perfect, but the holes in the screen are large enough to let lots thru. Much more important to change the actual oil filter I think.

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