Looking for a good trail bike to ride at slower speeds.

I started riding after a very long lay off (20+ years) and tried the Suzuki DRZ 400E and found it just too heavy for me in the woods and too tall.

My riding will only be on trails at slower speeds in Michigan sand. My wieght is 180 and height 6'0". Riding ability on a 1 to 10 with ten the best would be a 3 or 4. Age 57. Condition=excellent.

Actually, thought that a light 125 or so might be the ticket but have heard that the KDX200, TT-R250 or XR250R may be what I need but I have also heard that the 200EXC is the very best. Now I'm totally confused.

Thanks for the help and sorry this is off your normal topic range but I didn't know where else to post.

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If I were you I'd look at two bikes, the KDX 200 and the KTM 200 EXC. I've owned both and both are FINE mounts.

The KDX is getting to be a bit dated. It's quite a bit cheaper but you do get what you pay for....It's still a good bike, it's nice mellow trail bike the can be converted to be a good woods racer.

The KTM is a much "nicer" bike. High quality chain, Handle Bars, Magura Hyd. Clutch, large fuel tank, frame guards. The KTM is "race ready" out of the box, but still a great bike to start out on. It's also lighter than the KDX by a few pounds. I haven't had them on a scale but I'd guess 15 pounds lighter. If you have the $$ I'd go KTM.

Good luck and don't worry about posting here. Dirt bikers are the nicest folks and are always willing to help a novice out :)

You can email me directly as well if you prefer: chutist@ridgenet.net


Chris in the Mojave

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There are lots of good bikes out there. What ever you get the bike will be "tall" by your 1980's yard stick. If you can touch the ground while seating on the bike (with boots/gear on) you shold be OK. I strongly suggest you put some time on the bike and try getting used to the seat hight. If you must, the suspention can be shortened by Enduro Eng. (a Enduro/susp. shop in Michigan. This will do wonders for seat hieght, but at 6 ft., you may find that the your seating position is now "cramped". I used to live/ride in Michigan too, a 200 two stroke or a 250 four stroke will fill the bill nicely. KTM's are "top grade" rides but have some of the taller/harder seat hights out there. Good luck.


'01 520EXC, '74 YZ520, '71 TS400, '86 XR250.

I have a 99 TTR 250 for sale that is plated for dual sport use. I live in Royal Oak. You can stop by and take it for a ride and see how it feels to you, no obligations. The bike is heavy, however, to me, it feels like it sits lower and is much more managable in the trails.


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