Uncork question

yes it's another uncork thread...but i used the search and didn't find really what i needed.

I want to either use the stock exhaust with stock tip, or a FMF q series, so that i stay as quiet as possible in the city. But i don't want to be jetted wrong for either of those exhaust's. So when i uncork my bike, what change's do i need to make to compensate for those exhaust? A smaller main jet? I'm at sea level, but i do some higher elevation riding in the mountains occasianlly. but mostly low level elevation if that helps with jetting advice.

And when u guys uncorked ur bike's, did u just goto the dealer to get ur parts?

Needle Part # 16012-MBN-641

Needle seat Part # 16012-MBN-641 (B53E)

Main jet Part # 99101-357-1750 (#175)

Pilot jet Part # 99105-MBN-0680 (68s)

Carb insulator Part # 16211-MBN-640

I bought my bike used, and it came uncorked with the HRC tip in the exhaust. I have tried a big gun ( crap ) and a white bros e series. I like the e series, but the HRC tip is verry close with a little less noise. I might even try a #180 main.

I'm at sea level and find my bike works best with a 172 main, 68s pilot, b53 needle(third clip position) and 1 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw. Uni airfilter and all other uncorked mods. I have the stock exhaust with the HRC tip and it works great. Silent on the road but will roar if you crack the throtte. In the winter months I go 175main, and a 70s pilot and that works.

since you mention riding in the city, I am guessing you have the 'L' model, not the 'R' model, so those previous mentioned jet sizes will not work for you ... if you have the 'L', you need Keihin jets as follows ... 158 mainjet and 55 lowspeed jet ... those will get you pretty close ... I got the DynaJet kit, which works fine, but is grossly over-priced, and uses their own jet sizing (confusing) ... your best bet is to get those Keihin jets either from your dealer, or online sources ...

P.S. .. you will also run your screw out 2.5 turns

I have an R

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