Oil vent line

I have been wanting to increase the low end response of my 01' 400exc (without buying a 520) and a friend suggested disconnecting the oil breather line from the carb and running it up to the front of the tank and putting a filter on it. He did this on a 400 which resulted in quicker response in the low end.

I have noticed that several companies offer kits to do the same thing on KLR's and XR's.

Has anyone tried this?

I have disconnected my breather from the carb, blocked off the carb port with a vacuum plug, and run a small UNI filter on the stock breather. I just Zip tied the small UNI filter right next to the carb on the Rt side.

I did the same thing with my two Husabergs (ie. removed the crankcase brether from the input to the frame mounted air box and put on a external filter). In the case of the Husabergs I ran the breather hose up behind the number plate and had the filter there.

It made the Husabergs easier to jet and seemed to help throttle response.

On my new 02 520 EXC I'm still detailing the bike, getting the stator rewound, dual sporting it and probably will not ride it for at least 2 more weeks after the detailing etc. have been completed.


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