01' 520 EXC For Sale

01 520 EXC - Like new condition with only 38 miles. Ridden several times on gravel roads, but never off road. This bike is as close to new as you will find in a used bike. I had originally planned on purchasing a 2001 Adventure R and unfortunately made an alternate choice that I now regret.I purchased this bike new several weeks ago and have already received the new title (free and clear) back from the state. I am interested in selling the bike at a firm price of $6,200.00, or if anyone has an Adventure R (2001)with similar low miles I would also consider a trade.Although I won't pay for shipping I may consider a road trip (1/2 way) to deliver.

JNR - where are you? I have a freind very interested in a 520exc. I am in Portland, OR.


'01 KTM 520 EXC

Mathew, I am located in Missouri, near St.Louis which is probably a little far to drive unless your buddy wants to meet me in Colorado. If your friend is really interested another potential option is that the shop I bought the bike from could probably crate and ship the bike to your friend, or another dealer for a nominal fee.


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