Question re: Trailtech install on 05 450

Curious which you all find is best to install.. the odometer replacement area? or just go with the rig for the handlebars?

Was messing with it earlier tonight and it looks like the odometer adds some strenghth to the attachment, but kind of a pain in the ass...

Any tips/suggestions for install on an 05 WR450 are very welcome.

:D I installed the Trailtech on my WR450 "05" by using the stock odom. bracket

turned upsidedown then bent upward a little . But because I wanted it centered I had to make a plate that I pop rivited to the factory bracket

(using the Trailtech base for a template) looks sweeeet!! also the unit still slides on&off easily. Sorry I'm not home to send pics. Good luck!!! :

Thanks Bludog... Sure would like to see a photo of that if you get around to it. I am contiplating just drilling into the stock odom bracket, but am a bit uncomfy with it without seeing a photo of the best way to do it first.

Their website is pretty lame regarding install info.

I used the handlebar mount. Tried it on the right side then moved the kill button to the right side and put the trail tech on the left. Good position, good view but I know it is going to come off on the first bad spill.

Turn the Odo bracket upside down and mount the TrailTech to it you may need a flat peice of aluminum to cover the big holes and get at least three of the TT base mount screw holes.It will sit to the right but will be in good view. and protected behind the number plate. One problem that may ocurr is that the throttle cables will wear on the TT unit and wear grooves on the inside. The better way to go (if you are a fiddler) is to fabricate a new mount from aluminum angle being carefull to stay away from the throttle cables. I saw a low cost mount (cast aluminum) in the motorcycle dealer made specificlly for the trail tech endurance which offers full protection for you unit. I dont know the brand name. try 411 champion Motorcyles costa mesa CA. ask for the parts department or Google search. good luck

If you want it to be sturdy, buy the dashboard:

I had to mill 3 mm off the front of the top clamp to make it work. But its bulletproof now.


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