Washington state plate blues

Has anyone had any luck getting a plate, for a bike with the "off road use only" on the title in Washington state lately. I picked up a 400 last week and tried to slide thru without an inspection to get my plate. Two of the three places tried to give me a plate but the computor will not allow it anymore. I have done it before, but it seems that the DOT may have updated the software to prevent orv bikes from getting the plate. The state patrol in Chelan county said not to even bother bringing it down for an inspection if the title stated off road only. Funny, I can build on from scratch, and get an inspection, but not one built to do off road use. I've heard that Bremerton may do inspections, but have to wait till monday to contact them. Any advise ?

I have been succsesfull not once but twice at Bremerton, as recently as last friday. I got a passing inspection on my wifes xr200. The inspection office is only open mondays, wednesday, and friday's. If you have contacted me about the requirements, I have had some problems with my computer for about the last month and have a new E-mail adress as a result. Call me at 360-871-4886 and I will tell you all about my results.


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[This message has been edited by Rick Graham (edited 03-20-2001).]

If you hadn't wasted the last year riding a red bike, you wouldn't have this problem. :D

Say hello to Henrietta for me, call me today. :)

The XR200 is a green-sticker bike. I'm guessing that the WR can't be registered because it's red sticker. From what I've read, if it has a 3 or C in the 8th character of the VIN you will have a hard time getting a plate.

Hope this helps.


The Washington rules have nothing to do with green sticker or VIN numbers.

They are mostly dependent on "policy" by the state patrol. Expect to need DOT tires, signals, speedo, odo, horn , mirrors as standard equipment. They never ask to start the bike so a YZ exhaust would not matter. There must not be any "off road only" stickers anywhere.

The BIG problem is if they demand a "letter from the manufacturer" stating it is road safe. (Yeah, right... ) This is the requirement IF they check and don't find the "safety standards" sticker on the steering head. If they don't ask, say nothing and you will pass the inspection. The license agencies have always accepted the inspection slip no matter what bike in my experience. I've had a CR250, KX250, and KX500 Washington state street plated in the past. :)


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Sorry if I confused anyone. The red sticker is the problem that everyone is having here in California. I wrongly assumed that other "difficult to register" states had the same problem.


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