3000 for a 99 wr 400 too much???

found a 99 wr 400 at a dealer, they said they want 3000 for it, seems a bit steep for a old bike. What should I try to get them down to, what shouldn't I go past?

Also, I'm 6 foot at 255, will this bike get my big a$$ everywhere I want it to go, and still keep up with the newer bikes. I know there's better bikes out there newer and what not, but this is in my price range. thanks

It seems like too much for a YZ400, but I don't really know about the market for WR's. Have you checked with that forum?

sorry wrong forum,

can a moderator delet please!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Don't pay more than $2200 for a 99.

try to get him down to at least 2600

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