Euro wiring/lighting kit questions for Cappy or Peter520

I recently purchased a new 520 EXC and had previously listed it for sale on this board. My biggest issue is that I previously had a 94.5 250 EXC ISDE bike with all of the Euro switches, horn, brake lights(front and rear), and had hoped to be able to update my new bike to the Euro Spec. I know there are other options available, but these require re-wiring the stator for optimal performance and use only the DC output to run all accessories. To me having the factory set-up is the only way to go as I am interested in both performance and a KTM factory level of engineering (thats why I buy KTM's in the first place).

In doing a search I noted that both of you (Cappy and Peter520) seem to be well versed in procuring the factory pieces from Stephan at Stephans Garage. I am wondering if either, or both, of you have actually bought and installed the parts in question? If so can you share any of the details on the kit content, import/customs issues, as well as overall shipping costs and delivery interval issues. Also my previous experiences in communicating with international locations has ranged from successful to almost comical. Just wondering how it is to deal with Stephans garage? Any help or background info will be greatly appreciated and may ultimately influence whether or not I keep my bike.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Here is the detail-list for the legal-parts racing 400/520

Flasher 4x 19,20

Headlight DOT 121,37

Rear-Light 62,59

Back-fender 57,81

Flasher-cable front 39,90

" " back 58,13

Flasher-relais 52,68

" switch 47,44

Head-light switch 68,58

Adapter for Flasher-switch 5,05

Brake-light switch,front 20,79

" " " back 57,35

One part is diff., the wiring-Harness Mod. 2000 62,30

" 2001 126,04

So, there is a package-price for Mod.2000 730,80 DM

" 2001 794,54 DM

The prices are without german-Tax, plus Fraight I think with German-Airfraight(Post) it cost I think 110.-DM. Stephan is great to work with, his english is quite good and best of all he will accept credit card orders which most of the other German KTM dealers will not. Let me know directly if you need any help with this. My email is



'01 400 EXc

'01 65 SX

'01 50 Pro Sr

Cappy, thanks for the detailed info, this will help a great deal. Also thanks for the feedback on Stephan/Stephans garage. I will try and call him next week.

JNR - No problem happy to help.



'01 400 EXc

'01 65 SX

'01 50 Pro Sr

I also ordered and installed all the dual sport parts from Stephan's Garage. Had a good experience with them too. One difference in opinion I have is their ability to speak english. I was always able to get the message across, but the wording of some of the messages I got from them were actually quite humorous!

Great people to deal with none-the-less. Also, the parts fit well and work perfect. Very easy to install.


Steve W.

01' 400exc

01' YZ250F (son's)

Thanks for your feedback as well Steve. It sounds like you have been through the process and were satisfied with Stephans Garage. I do hope that no one took offense to my language barrier comments. I previously worked for an international telecom firm (Econophone), and dealing with contacts in different countries was a daily activity. In most international locales English is pretty much a second language, and 85% of the time as soon as the party on the other end determined I was from the USA they immediately began communicating on my level. This is actually pretty amazing if you consider what would happen if most people in the US would receive a call from Germany with someone speaking German.Anyway I have also had my share of crazy conversations, and just wondered what dealing with Stephan was like. Absolutely no insult intended, and my apologies to anyone if it was taken that way.



P.S. Once I get the parts I may bounce some questions off of you guys if I run into any stumbling blocks!

RidinDawgDoc, we met at Trials Training Center last month. Email me off list.



You can also contact Germany's largest KTM-dealer at

Take a look at their site and give them a mail. They do ship often to the States.

Jo Vandebriel

Thanks Jo, I will check KTM-Sommer as well!!

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