Just took my new 520EXC out for the first run, and love it! Coming off a '99 YZ400 and love the power delivery, ergonomics, and of course the magic button. I am worried about the suspension living up to the YZ's flawless performance through rough terrain, but I am confident I can set it up nice. Ordered the MXC gas tank for long distance rides, the hardware to mount my Scott’s dampener, a Shark fin, a bash plate, and hand guards. I feel like a little kid, I keep sneaking out into the garage and sitting on it or starting it. I go on an annual 150 mile a day trip in Baja next month, which was a little torturous on the YZ, cannot wait this year. Hope everyone else is as happy with his or her KTM. Bill


For me a double means getting both wheels off the ground.

WOW, sounds like a great bike. Enjoy


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I also just got my 520EXC last week. Have only ridden it 3 times but am very impressed with it. Alot more forgiving in the woods than my CR 250 is and the weight is carried so low that it feels like it weighs about the same as the CR. Really amazed at how easy it starts compared to my wifes YZF250. Really not wanting to bash this beautiful piece of machinery as much as I have my CR and my XR 400. I would just hate to see it get that flogged. hehehehe...but I know that eventually it will.

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