difference between wr400 models


does anybody know the difference between the wr400f '00 models "5GS6" and "5GS5" ? is it us / european model names?

the background is:

im from germany and now on holidays in florida. i've had some sand inside the motoroilsystem and it destroyed the piston, several bearings and so on.

i've found out that most dirtbike parts are MUCH (!!!!) cheaper over here. for example a piston costs about 127 euro, here it's like 100 bucks or something depending on the store you choose. or crankshaft bearings... here 33 at home 67 euro... :D (im still at scholl, so thats a very big difference!)

the only problem is that i dont know if i can use 5gs5 parts in my 5gs6... can anybody help me? or can i order 5gs6 parts here? which shops can you recommend?

i know that there are some differnces concerning carburator/jetting settings and so on, but there should be different parts in an european and an us wr... or am i wrong?

I dont think the different versions have anything to do with the motor. Most of the time, different versions in different parts of the world just mean, different jettings and exhaust pipe.

which online store can you recommend?

Hello, there are basically two models of the WR. Euro/Canadian and the U.S. model. Both appear to be identical in the internals, the biggest differences would be the exhaust silencer, jetting, ODO in KMs, and in infamous grey wire is missing.. Other than that your bike is the same bike we have in the U.S.

Here's a link to a on-line mail order business here in the states. Even if you don't buy anything from them they have a very handy on-line microfiche to look up part numbers and compare prices... Good luck, have a nice time in Florida...

Dan :D

thanks man :D


Dan you forgot the Euro/Canadian model comes with a YZ throtle stop. :D

whats that throttle stop? has it something to do with the parts i need?

btw, ronnies sucks, i found out, they want 22,50 bucks for normal shipping of several bearings and stuff... :D

i think i'll order via bikebandit or temecular, has anyone made any experiences with these stores?

does anyone know the english word for "simmerring"? thats some kind of gasket, a friend said it would be "oil seal" and babelfish translation 'shaft seal' does one of them exist? i need to know it, as it is another part i need to buy in order to ride again :D

Nothing. He was just comparing the difference between the two models and forgot that one.

All internal parts on both engines are the same.

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