Tall riders - help!

I ordered the tall seat at the dealer today for my 520, so thanks much for the help in that area.

Now, I'm looking for some xtra tall mx pants.

Anyone have an idea if anyone makes them?

In the past, I've had a problem with the bottom of the pants pulling out of the boot.

My dealer suggested freestyle pants, but I'd have to add hip padding and they would probably end up looking like high-water specials. I'm 6'8 at 250 with a 36-38 inch waist and about a 37" inseam.

Hey tall man

I'm 6-7, I use axo mm pants they seem to run a little on the long side works great for me

Sadly, I suffer the same dilema. I'm 6'6" and have yet to find a comfortable pair of pants. I wear the SHIFT Squadron pant (a conservative "freestyle" pant). They are by far the most comfortable pants I've owned to date and I will never go back to traditional, in the boot pants. SHIFT is coming out with a new line sometime in September and my hopes are they will offer more sizes, especially for us tall folks. Order a catalog at www.shiftmx.com.

Good luck.

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