factory 4 who want's one

not for free but cheep OK hear go's I live hear in the peoples republic of California :D and as of setember 1st we have a new sound law when racing hear in the desert so I have switched to a Q and need to sell my factory 4 its got a sparkey and the quiet core in it and it runs about 99 to 100 db on my 05 WR450 so any body want a gently used factory4 for a good price be for I put it on ebay

Whoa, glad you posted that. I also live in CA and was thinking of buying a factory 4 system. Thought it would be OK with the quiet core. Oh well, I'll probably go with the Q now also.

What none of you out of cal boys want it :D

Hey Fish, I hope it wasn't the pipe that got you that yellow bar :D Good luck on sellin' it

Too loud...Thanx anyway :D

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