check out my bling bling

hehe, big pics

I think that is actually Pseudo-bling.

Hey Nice bike!

The only detractor is the gear bag on the rear fender, wish there was a black or white version of it.

that brings up a good Q, Where did you get the black plastic for your L?

again sweet bike :D:D


please do not disgrace the wonderful maching or the xr or xrl name with crap! :D


Not sure I understand that order directed at me?

please explain "maching" and what you are calling "crap"?

I don't follow

Rob :D

I think he meant "machine", and he doesn't want the word 'bling' associated with "The Best Bike In The World ".


ok, my bike came with all of the stuff thats on it.......the tank is a clarke and can be found on their site....180 bucks. the front fender i beleive is ufo and can be found on its got the black ceet gripper. will be gettin rid of the fag bag on the back and puttin a real took it on her. will be gettin this fender unless someone tells me it wont fit my bike.

the pics are of my diamond plate accesories.... do you guys like them? do u like the gas cap cover? chain guard? frame guards? give me some feadback....would a d-plate rear disk guard look good?

i have a d-plate chain guard that i didnt like as much as the other one so its for sale if anyone wants it.....ill take some pics of it later.

give me some input on the diamond plate stuff please!!!!

personal message me if you are interested in a chain guard.

i would actually be willing to manufacture more of any of the daimond plate parts i made and sell them.


Well I think its pretty cool, but I do say that with some reservation.

The D-plate isn't out of taste, just not what I think of for stereotypical motorcycle bling. Diamond plate, in my mind is for 4x4s, duallies, Semi-tractors etc....but that is my perseption. I think it would be better done in stainless or brushed aluminum.

The black plastic, on the other hand is Bitch'n ! :D:D

Hope it helps


man, everyone loves my plastic.....thanks man

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